Annual General Meeting, 2010

The Annual General Meeting 2010 of the Bio Energy Association of Sri Lanka held on 7th April 2011 at the Foundation Institute of Sri Lanka, Independence Square Colombo.

Mr. L.P Jayasinghe, President of BEASL, welcomed the members and thanked for their presence.

The Honorary Secretary, Dr. G. Kulatunga, read out the minutes of the 2009 AGM and the minutes were adopted proposed by Cpt. Nalin de Silva and seconded by Mr. P.G. Joseph.

The Honorary Treasurer, Mr. N. Nagasinghe, presented the accounts and he proposed that the funds saved under different projects be taken into the consolidated fund and presented as such hereafter. The accounts and the proposal were adopted proposed by Mr. Indika Gallage and seconded by Cpt. Nalin de Silva.

The President presented the report of 2010 highlighting the inroads made by BEASL. The main achievement was to obtain a higher tariff for dendro power (Rs. 20.40 per kWh) through collective action.  He also was happy to see that several proponents are about to come into operation within this year.

While thanking the Ministry of Power and Energy and CEB he regretted the negative approach taken by the Sustainable Energy Authority. He hoped more stake-holders will be involved in the future deliberation than mere bureaucrats.

The need at present he said is to take the message across and several steps have been taken in this direction. The BEASL web page and a series of TV programmes have been initiated for this purpose.

The need to address issues confronted in promoting gliricidia must be addressed by the committee and he wished young members will join the next committee with fresh ideas to contribute.

The financial situation of BEASL is heavily dependent on savings made but he hoped the membership drive will improve the situation.

The following were elected 

office bearers and auditor:

Post                                               Nominee                             Proposed by                      Seconded by

President                                     L.P. Jayasinghe                 Cpt. N. De Silva                 H. Karunanayake

Vice President                            P.G. Joseph                       Indika Gallege                  L.P. Jayasinghe

Hony. Secretary                          G. Kulatunga                     L.P. Jayasinghe                  Lalith Senevirathne

Hony. Treasurer                         N. Nagasinghe                   Cpt. N. De Silva                 Gamini Ranasinghe


Ten Council Members                                    Proposed by                                      Seconded by

H. Karunanayke                                         Cpt. N. De Silva                                  Gamini Ranasinghe

Cpt. N. De Silva                                          L.P. Jayasinghe                                   Cpt. N. Gunasinghe

Indika Gallege                                            Cpt. N. Gunasinghe                             N. Nagasinghe  

Gamini Ranasinghe                                     H. Karunanayke                                  Cpt. N. Gunasinghe

Prof. Athalage                                            Cpt. N. De Silva                                   Indika Gallege  

Cpt. N. Gunasinghe                                    Cpt. N. De Silva                                   Gamini Ranasinghe

Jayantha Gunathilake                                  Indika Gallege                                     Gamini Ranasinghe

M.C.A Rahuman                                         G. Kulatunga                                       Indika Gallege                  

Piyasiri Gunasekara                                    L.P. Jayasinghe                                    Chinthaka Arapriya

Ms. Magda Aghababyan                             P.G. Joseph                                         Cpt. N. De Silva                



B.V. Fernando & Co.                                       G. Kulatunga                                      N. Nagasinghe  



After the conclusion of the AGM theSeminar on “Biomass for food, fertility, fodder and fuel’ was held attended by more than 40 participants and Hon. Minister of Agrarian Services and Wildlife, S.M. Chandrasena as the chief guest.

Dr. M.A. Wijeratne from TRI spoke on use of Gliricidia in tea plantations for shade, soil fertility, erosion mitigation and fuel. The savings possible on a tea plantation was presented based on long-term trials carried out by TRI.

Dr. Lionel Weerakoon spoke on the ‘Role of Gliricidia in our Farming Systems’ based on extensive research done by him atMahailuppallama and on subsequent work done with small farmers in villages and tea plantations.

Dr. Jayantha Gunathilake spoke on growing Gliricidia as “Biomass for 4-Fs Food, Fertility, Fodder and Fuel”. The work he has done at Coconut Research Institute and at Coconut Cultivation Board was  presented to cover these four aspects of growing Gliricidia.

The Honorable Minister in his speech thanked the BEASL for collecting the valuable data and presenting it to the public and he appreciated the efforts of the association. He undertook to take the message to the villages when home-garden concept is taken up by his ministry.

The vote of thanks was proposed by G. Kulatunga and the participants were invited to the dinner hosted by BEASL.

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