Association Objectives


  • To form a network among industries and farmer organizations for successful generation of bio-energy.
  • To serve as a forum for exchange of information and interaction on bio energy development.
  • To encourage and promote bio energy development, establishment of practices and activities in Sri Lanka.
  • To Develop bio energy as a major development goal in addressing poverty alleviation.
  • To serve as a vehicle through which Government, bilateral and multilateral donor and private assistance for all aspects of bio energy development may be equitably and effectively extended to members.
  • To provide adequate and updated information on effective and sustainable development of bio energy systems to the members, and in co-opration with members to provide same to all relevant Ministries, including Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment, and similar bodies.
  • To encourage provision of all types of services on bio energy development, dissemination, ownership and management.
  • To provide information, lobby with and act as an industry promoter with GOSL, CEB and with the public in the furtherance of the industry.
  • To provide necessary services for the purpose, or act directly as a certification and /or regulatory body in biomass pricing, approval of standards to be met in installation and operation of plants.
  • To liaise with and promote bio energy development with banks and funding agencies.



To be the leading voice in Sri Lanka for the bio energy industry



To serve as the premier source or guidance and encouragement in the development of bio-energy industry in Sri Lanka. Bio Energy Association of Sri Lanka will build support for the industry throughout the country's legislature, administration and funding agencies, through tax incentives, increased biomass research and regulations and other policy initiatives.

Bio Energy Association of Sri Lanka will also interact directly with the general public, farmer organizations and other relevant institutions to ensure that bio energy provides a sustainable and substantial means for increasing rural incomes and to alleviate rural poverty.

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